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Financial frauds have emerged as an inevitable unwanted byproduct of economic growth. Global financial world is replete with such examples and India too has had its share of such scams. One of the most unsavory aspects of globalization and a growing economy is the aspect of white-collar crime. In every industry, and in every aspect of the business world, there is the potential for a financial fraud to be carried out.

With India positioning itself as the world’s fastest growing big economy and the country getting digitally connected both within and with the outside world, instances of financial fraud are bound to rise.

Further, continuous evolution of technology is changing the way in which organizations conduct business, sometimes creating opportunities for fraudsters to commit the crime. As financial transactions become increasingly technology-driven, they seem to have become the weapon of choice when it comes to fraudsters.

The time has come for all organizations to pursue a more strategic approach to fraud management within and examine the role of corporate governance, particularly of those involved in preventing and detecting frauds. To overcome this challenge, they need strict and focused steps. There needs to be transparency at all levels in organizations to reduce frauds.

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Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

Fraud scenario in India — ground reality

Changing Paradigms in Fraud Risk Management

Overcoming technology challenges in analytics-driven investigations

Leveraging Digital Forensics to Improve Fraud Examinations

Use of Big Data Analytics to Prevent Fraud

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MD / Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers/Financial Controller, Chief Vigilance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Information Security Officers, Government Officials, Regulatory Heads, Directors /VP/Head :


Audit / Inspection /Control & Compliance


Enterprise Risk Management


Banking Operations


Fraud Prevention & Detection


Crisis Management/Cyber Security


Fraud Risk Management


Legal / Anti – Corruption

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